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Keypad Lock
Integrated Keypad Door Lock

A keypad is an excellent idea if you don't tend to carry your keys around or want to give a code to the gardener or cleaning person.  

When staff change it is possible to 'roll the code' and update it with a new one - meaning the guy that did your lawns 3 years ago doesn't still have the means to come onto the property any time he likes.

Keypads come in two styles - standard distributed and Wiegand centralised. 

The standard distributed keypad stores the code in the unit itself and new codes must be entered into every keypad on the site when a code change is required.

With this type of keypad - if enough force is used the keypad can be ripped off the wall and a battery or similar could possibly be used to open the lock. 

The Wiegand Centralised system uses digital communication to send the codes to a controller usually housed inside, and it is very much harder to defeat this type of system.  The Wiegand keypad usually has the capacity for hundreds of codes where the standard keypad often only has 4-5.



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