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Electromechanical locks
Integrated Fob Door Lock

Locks that fit into the jamb come in two main styles - electromechanical and magnetic. 

Magnetic locks have the advantage that an exact alignment is not required to make a strong bond, so if the gate were to shift over time or expand or contract with the weather, the lock would continue to function.  The downside is that all magnetic locks need to be battery backed up in order to 'fail secure' in the event of a powercut.

Front Doors usually make use of electromechanical locks rather than magnetic locks or drop bolts for the simple reason that in the event of a fire the door can still be opened with the locking hardware on the inside of the door.  This means there is no need of relying on an exit button or similar. 

Further to this the electromechanical lock works with standard locking hardware - meaning that you have automatically have a key override in case of a lock failure or power failure. 

On any house with access control on the doors it is a good idea to specify a lockwood manual digital entry system on a side door - (laundry or similar) to provide manual access regardless of whether you remembered to take your keys with you that day and lighting has just fried the whole houses electrical system!



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