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Audio Intercom

Audio Intercom

Audio only Intercom

If you have any sort of controlled door, you will need to know when guests or contractors arrive. The most common type is the audio intercom. 

Early types relied on a handset located (usually) in the kitchen and one in the master bedroom.  The unit would ring and you would have to leave whatever you were doing and traipse around the house to the nearest intercom station. 

More modern systems use the phones in the house to put the door station call through.  In this instance - you could be in the back garden with the cordless in your pocket - or lying by the pool and admit a visitor (or dismiss a salesperson!)

There are two types of phone interface, the POTS system (plain old telephone system) which sits across the incoming telecom line and rings the phone with a distinctive ring, pressing the hash button for example would release the front gate.

The second type is the PABX system and this is preferred for several reasons - the main one being that if someone is on the phone - the door call still makes it through to the rest of the extensions. In the case of the POTS system - beeps will be heard to alert the person on the phone that a door station call is waiting.  The PABX system will control up to four gates / doors - the POTS system only one.



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